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Lian Li PC-O11DW Dynamic White Custom Water Cooling Parts Search

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Mar 29, 2020

just trying to build a new Hackintosh which should be quit and be able to do a little bit of OC.

I'm sitting in a hot room in the summer (around 30C or higher)

Due to running OSX all the hardware either needs to be controlled via BIOS or any other hardware which doesn't require any software to run. The system will be dual boot to Windows, so the configuration of components via Windows software is fine.

Computer Hardware:

  • Case: Lian Li PC-O11DW XL Dynamic White
  • CPU: I9-9900K
  • MB: Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Master
  • GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT or PowerLevel Liquid Devil (really preferred as full warranty)
  • PSU: Corsair RMX Series 2018 RM850x - 850 Watt - white or Super Flower Leadex II 80 PLUS Gold, modular white - 1200 Watt (can't get any other white psu atm in Germany)
  • RAM: VENGEANCE® RGB 16 white
  • HDD: 1 or 2 3,5 Hybrid Seagate FireCuda 2 TB
  • SDD: Samsung or WD (2 ME.2 and 1 normal SSD)

My current system (with a fractal celsius 240) is atm mounted beneath a height-adjustable desk, so it moved up and down with it. Clearance under the desk is 6 cm, but there are 2 sections each 3 centimeters wide which are directly flush to the case. I would like to keep this approach as it makes cabling easy. That also means I normally look down on the case.

Up to know I have the following ideas (don't know if they will work out though and not really sure about the parts)

Build Colors would be White, Black, Red, Fans either white with RGB or just white. The problem is probably to get fans who are good looking in pull or push configuration.

Don't know if an Alphacool Eisbecher Helix Light 250mm with a red Helix in it in the middle of the front glass would work.

The tube should be flexible and red, also I don't want to have the shortest path between fittings but a more curvy/biological look.

The orientation of fans would be: Top exhaust, Side intake, Bottom intake, rear just passive exhaust
Rads would go: Bottom and Side

So my part lists with reasons:

A lot of EKWB because they have a cool configurator, but I don't mind other brands.

  • 2 x 360 middle thickness rads with multiple connectors: want to put the connectors of the side rad at the bottom to allow a drain port on the backside, of course, I could also use the lower rad for that.
  • Fittings in either white or black: If the EK Torque ones with red rings perhaps?
  • CPU Block as Monoblock for the MB from EKWB: Question though if that makes sense as the board seems to have good cooling of the VRMs and I only want to OC a little if necessary. Any other good CPU only option?
  • GPU Block included on GPU: The liquid devil looks interesting if you keep price and warranty in mind. Yeah I know I could go cheaper but than there is the issue with warranty.
  • Flexible Tubing in Red 13/10, either Alphatube or Masterkleer: Looks like that is the only tubes you can get directly in Germany, don't mind other suppliers or shipping from abroad.
  • D5 Pump without Reservoir: as I would like to use the Alphacool Eisbaer Helix Light Reservoir if possible OR additionally to a pump with Reservoir OR the pump with the Helix on top (does that work?)
  • Helix Light Reservoir black with Red Helix: if being able to mount nicely somewhere.
  • Flow Meter for MB monitoring
  • Temp Meter Plug for Rad

Some things coming to mind:

Would a low resistance radiator on top make sense in addition to the other 2? Perhaps again with multi connectors so that I can add a filling port?
I could do some routing behind the motherboard for fill, drain, flow and temp meter etc. But to get there easiest way would be to have a radiator on top with an output to the back.
How can I get an organic flow of the tubes in my build without using hardtubes? Perhaps using angled fittings and then force a curve in the tube?

Thanks in advance!

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so after some digging, reading and getting help here my idea of a water-cooling setup and questions:

If you have ANY good suggestions to alternative or think that the option I have chosen is total BS please tell :)

Pump and Reservoir:

D5 Pump, are Bitspower ok? Or the EK ones? Or perhaps the D5 next.

Any specific suggestion?

Reason for Bitspower is that there are white covers available for it which would allow for a white Pump build.

Otherwise I would probably go for a HeatKiller tank with Red / White bars and a D5 next(?) or any other good combo with reservoir.


Size 16/10
Mayhems Ultra Clear (except somebody tells me that PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT in red is as good, in which case I could keep the coolant clear)


DP Ultra in Red (clear not opaque)


XPSC 360 36mm or Hardware Labs (perhaps white versions but I think black will do)


Barrow white, incl a Fillport and Drainport

CPU Block:

EK-Momentum Aorus Z390 Master D-RGB - Plexi or Aqua Computer cuplex kryos NEXT CPU Vision or Heatkiller
The Aqua Computer Vision would only be interesting together with the Aquacomputer Monitoring and Control


EK Liquid Devil RX 5700 XT


LL120 RGB, white 10 x

Motherboard or
Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 lt + 2 x Farbwerk 360 + 3 x Splitty4 + Hubby7 + RGBpt to DRGB Adapter(?) + Aquabus Splitter

I know that the Aquacomputer Setup would be quite powerful, but does somebody has experience with the Motherboard Bios?


Depends on Pump (as D5 Next has some stuff build in) and if using the motherboard or not but in general:

1 Temperatur Sensor for Loop for the Mainboard (as I have no idea if I can otherwise get any temps in OSX)

1 Temperatur Sensor for Loop
1 Flow Meter Sensor
1 Temperatur Sensor for AirTemp

Did I forget anything?

Routing of tubing would than come next.

Thanks in advance

Honestly if you're going to go with all of those sensors then get the NEXT rather than having to fuss with all that. Also the next will mostly do what the aquaero does, so you can take that out and use something like a quadro or octo for fans and RGB. Just double check that you'll have the open USB headers necessary. My biggest regret in my build was not going for a D5 Next. It looks like your motherboad does have those headers but I haven't worked with the smartfan software, if you like it already you can go with that instead. Also of course the aquaero will work well. It's really a matter of preference in the end, but I'd prefer to not have the temp sensor and flow meter installed in the loop.

Are you doing 2x360 rads? If so there are some specific considerations sizing constraints if you want to mount the rad on the side and I don't believe HL has a model that will fit. XSPC might as well as another. These and other watercooling tips such as waterblock height are discussed in this video
. Edit: it doesn't look like the liquid devil will fit unless you go vertical.
Board Dimensions 240mm*162mm*42mm
. 155mm is your limit. Here is a list of compatible blocks http://www.lian-li.com/air-gpu-guidance-list/ http://www.lian-li.com/pc-o11-dynamic

For rads I'd suggest HardwareLabs over XSPC. The XSPC are fine but the HL are regarded as some of the best.

For tubing I'd suggest colored tubing and clear coolant. I have been using LRT for over a year without problems. The one issue people have been having is some of the tubing is discolored from the box that it came in. I'm not sure if this packaging problem has been addressed or not, but I purchased mine from a bulk listing (by the foot) like this https://www.performance-pcs.com/wat...-id-x-5-8in-od-bloodshed-red-pflexa-58-r.html and had no problems.

For fittings bitspower has a reputation for being the best. I don't have experience (good/bad) with barrow, but some have stated that they are find.
Hi, thanks for your feedback.

I edited the Case... it is the XL, it has 169 max space so it should fit, but thanks a lot of checking this!!!!

I wanted to go with 3 rads, slim ones though, thanks for the feedback about the brand.

Concerning Tubing... the Primoflex is hard to come by and some people say mayhems ultra clear with dp ultra red is fine... some people say don't do it ever :-/ Will look for it.