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Looking for a good 2TB SSD that won't fail

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Jun 10, 2012
hi guys , I am looking to buy a 2TB SSD for my PS4 and I'm having trouble picking one. Quite simply from googling some that I've looked at fail due to whatever reason.

So I have come here to see if you guys know of any reliable models.

From a reddit post I saw the WD Blue 3D NAND SSD's are quite good (failure wise) , but I'm interested in what Overclockers had to say about it and any other models

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I can't recommend a specific drive to buy since it can vary a lot by what's available at what price. I will mention two to avoid: WD Green and Kingston A400, which are usually the lowest end ones in their ranges. With both I've had suspect data rot with corrupted files, even though the drive didn't report anything wrong.

Any SSD may fail at any time. If you have locally saved games or other data try to back up often. The PS4 has limited benefit from SSD since most software is targeted at the original HD and the performance limiting factor is the CPU. So it probably wont be worth paying more for a high end drive, but don't go too low like the ones I mentioned above. I'd also connect the SSD to a PC and get the manufacturer's tool to check for any firmware updates before using it.
I am cloning the PS4 to the EVO now. Let you know in a couple of years how it worked.
Samsung's 980 Pro 2TB, probably have the best speeds I think and they also sell a version that comes with a heatsink (screwed on, not glued on, nor held on by rubber bands :)).
Note, although this is a PCIe 4.0 NVMe device, I think my cpu is limited to PCIe 3.0, so I probably won't get the full speed.

I should mention that the Samsung nvme's had some issues with their firmware a year ago or something, redditors have convinced me that if I buy one today, it won't be subject to the issue failing like with older production models. I seriously hope there is some QA making sure failing Samsung nvme's are no longer in sale. :|

To be honest, the only nvme drive I would want to even consider buying, is a Samsung one.
I don't like how their 'secure erase' feature is "locked" behind software (Samsung Magician), but I guess perhaps there is a good reason why an erase command is not too easy to perform. Software is free, but (if you want to install the software) you are forced to agree to some USA centric end user agreement, which I didn't like. Couldn't find any version of the Samsung Magician that did not involve USA. I thought Samsung was a "foreign" business.
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My ignorance is showing. Does the PS4 use NVMe or SATA? M.2 or SATA III (2.5 inch)?
Correct. PS5 uses M.2 NVMe (Gen3 IIRC).
Internal expansion is Gen 4 x4. I don't know what happens if you try to use "too slow" a SSD in it, and I think it does benchmark it to check. They recommend 5500GB/s read minimum, so some older 4.0 drives wont meet that.

Edit: in a quick search, it looks like you can use a slower SSD than recommended and it will work. 3.0 might not work. Sony say it doesn't support HMB so if you buy a lower end drive that relies on it, performance will be hurt.
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SSDs described as compatible with PS5 typically have up to 6.1-6.6GB/s max bandwidth (7.1-7.4GB/s on PC). This is from the specs of ADATA, Crucial, Team Group, Patriot, and some other recently released SSD. HMB SSDs with Maxio controllers are declared as compatible with up to 6.5GB/s (Patriot VP4300 Lite, TeamGroup MP44, and some more).