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Looking for the best THERMAL COMPUND. Whats your oppinions.

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AS3 for the time being, although i'm intrested with what OCZ does with their diamond based thermal paste in devolpment. Yes, even though it is OCZ, i'm still curious
Nevin over at arctic silver tried diamond, was pretty much a no-go, diamond particles don't fit together well so the particle-to-particle transfer is bad, and it rags the machine to death due to it's hardness.
AS3 is what I use and it gets my temps 2 degrees lower than AS2. Arctic Alumina is good too for ramsinks and such and also works well for the cpu. About as good as AS2.

AS3 it is.

No question here guys, everyone is going to recommend AS3, or AS2 if they haven't yet experienced AS3. AS3 is the best compound performance, and they are just too famous so other compounds manufacture, suffer!

I have tested every major thermal grease on the market with the exception of the OCZ diamond goop. Arctic Silver 3 beats them all and I would not expect much from OCZ given their past performance.
zoopa-man - That flaking thing, I think you must mean foiling, has only occured in a few individuals systems. If it was a wide spread problem, dealers like Danger Den and Swiftech; and of course Arctic Silver would be swamped with complaints. They are not. I have personally used Arctic Silver II in for different pelt setups with no problems.
Yeah, youll be buying AS 4 or 5 like me.

My tube of AS 2 has lasted a year. And I'm sure that AS3 is slightly better but I bet that it doesn't change temps at all, really. People are comparing old AS2 that has been sitting there for 6-9months with a fresh application of AS3, of course the temps are going to decrease. :D
Mx-6, I have AS2. I got a new tube right before they started selling AS3 and then I got a tube of AS3 and yes there is a difference. It takes like 48 to 72 hours for the AS3 to settle and for 2 degrees celcius I will definitely keep using AS3. I thought the same way but I have revised my opinion. My temps are 31 idle and 35 full load.
thermal compounds

While the differences are no doubt small, I'm going to join the AS3 chorus.