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MacBooks are of Despicable Value

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Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
I'm betting comfort level and familiarity is the big factor. Mac OSX is what she knows. And you know who will always win the opinion battle between a man and his wife/SO . . . I've learned that my wife usually asks my opinion on something so she will know which direction not to go. Oh, I need to hurry and close this before she sees what I typed!

SPL Tech

Nov 28, 2006
^^^ I am not married, so I have that. Would you be chill with a slimy mechanic telling your wife that she needs to change her oil every 1,000 miles or else the engine will blow up? All while you're standing right there watching the two talk? Same story here. Not many dudes would be cool with people playing and otherwise taking advantage of their SO.

Anyway, she bought the thing so not much left to do now except wait until it stops working and then make a side comment on something about how my PC works fine and it cost half as much. :)
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Closet Elitist Member
Jun 9, 2002
Chicks dig apple. No idea why...I think they're garbage. I've had the same conversation with a few significant others over the years. One gal went through 3 icrap phones during our 3 years together, though one of them did get dropped in a puddle...but it barely got wet. Died instantly. One got blamed on her cat chewing a cable...and the last one just croaked. That's what it took to finally get her to even give android a chance. There's not much that can be done about it.


Aug 14, 2014
Maybe that's the answer, start killing her Apple laptops in mysterious ways and keep subtly egging her to switch to M$. Then pray the 1st time she caves in she sees the benefits :rofl: