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materials for ducting?

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Jul 14, 2001
I would like to duct my side fan (80mm) directly to my CPU fan (60mm). The fans air flow it perpendicular to each other. I tried using a plastic bag and elastic bands but the CPU fan would suck in part of the bag and make a horrible noise, improved temperature though. I need sugestions for making the duct.
You could also use DRYED tubing you know that aluminum stuff. Of course you'll have to cut a big hole to run it through either the front or the side panel.
Cardboard and aluminum duct tape. It's a roll of adhesive backed thin aluminum used in AC work, greAT for ducting out your pc.
Cardboard works well, pvc piping, gutters, coke bottles, etc.
I cut the bottum of a paper cup and put it over the processor can, and taped it secure. My CPU temp went down 1-2C but my case temp went UP 1-2C... whatevers...