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Memory bandwith explanation needed?

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Aug 27, 2002
I posted an e-mail earlier regarding dual channel DDr mobo chipsets? I read an article in anandtech. I had a response from PLACID that was helpful. Although I am still confused about what Anand was saying. Can someone explain to me the following:

" SIS still plans to have stiff competition for Intel's latest dual DDR chipset. Dubbed the SIS 655, this chipset supports dual DDR333 memory, meaning moboo's based on the 655 chipset will have a 4:5 divider in the BIOS that enables 333 mhz memory speed assuming you're ussing a 533mhz FSB processor. However, having dual DDR333 may not be beneficial, as this would offer well over 1GB/s more than the P4's FSB can handle and could result in latency penalties which would lower performance versus dual DDR266 mode."

Ehanx Placid .... and as always to every1 any help is as always appreciated.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2001
It means there may be no benifit to running dual channel ddr faster than 1:1 like granite bay. In single channel intel ddr boards running the memory faster than 1:1 does help memory bandwith because the cpu can use more memory bandwith than is supplied by single channel ddr.
There might be some gain or none by doing so with a dual channel ddr board and other than give theory's as to why or why not the only way to know for sure what the result will be is when the boards are released.
A cpu has a limit of how much memory it can use and anything more is a waste and might actually cause slowdowns.


Sep 24, 2002
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To sum it up:

Don't bother having your RAM move more memory than your FSB can. It's just a waste of time. AMD's at a big disadvantage here, unless you have an nForce2, unlock the processor, and send the fsb through the roof....

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