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Mi case temp is fine, but CPU is high

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May 28, 2002
My idle case temp is 24C, i think thats pretty good.

But, my idle CPU is 37C. Whats with this? I have a P4 1.6B @1.82Ghz. I'm using an AVC Sunflower w/ arctic silver 3. could my layer be too thin (because it is very thin)? Please help.
also, is 24C too high for even the case temps. i got somthin like 120CFM coming in and 130CFM going out. That should be enough. But the intake is kinda blocked. Could that be it?
24C is quite reasonable (as juliendogg said), that is about 74F which is not far above room temp for most of us this time of year.

An idle temp of 37C sounds high but then I'm not familar with your HS and chip combo. Knowing the increase underload will suggest if there is a significant problem.
ill put it in load on sandra, a check it. i think its in the mid-40s but i'll still check. By description of the pc is at the bottom.
Your temps on your cpu is normal and you are able to push it a little bit by overclocking it. Just make sure u have enough air flow in your case :)
i had the same problem so i took the side of my case off ti dropped the proc temp slightly then i put a house fan beside it and it lowered it a bit more it sits at 49 under load folding 100%
so its not great but itll do till i get my water cooling setup

14C abaove the board temp is not too bad, IMO. I have a P4 1.6A @ 2.24 w/ stock HSF & it's running about 14C above system temp & will go as high as 53C under load. According to what I've seen in the forums, that isn't unusual or harmful to the cpu. You can also check here for a test of your HSF. Also did you follow the instructions for applying the AS3? No? well, If all else fails, read the dam instuctions! :p Good luck! -Dave
if this temperature is decent, maybe i can OC somore? i tried over 2Ghz... no go. Because this isn't a northwood core. I am a beginner so when I bought it, i didn't know the difference even though they were about the same price. What exactly does changing the voltage do? can i change the voltage to get it to go over 2 GHz at the expense of temperature. If so, would you recomend it? right now it is on default voltage.

is that Abit board an intel chipset based mobo? if so, its an on die reading which would make 37 degrees idle pretty damn well off.
yeah, it runs on an Intel 845 chipset. what does that mean. is the temp hotter or colder than 27C? also, refer to my previous post
abit intel chipset mobo's are usually way off in their temperature readings. i think your temps in this case are fine, considering mine peaks at 52 degrees with the strongest p4 air cooling you can get (which i know is off because my sensor right under the die says much less) As for overclocking, your ram is probably holding you back going any further. Try upping the vcore until its stable, but u dont wanna go too much, cause im still not exactly sure if those temps are accurate or not.
yeah, thats what i was thinking too, that the ram is holding me back. unfortunately, id need a whole new motherboard for ddr or rd. ill try upping the core voltage to 1.7 and see if that makes a difference. can you overclock the memory?