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Mini Centrifugal blower.

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Nov 25, 2001
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
I just got a mini centrifugal blower to play with. It's inside a busted up Tyco radio controlled hovercraft toy, just paid a couple a bucks for the thing at a thrift store because it looked like it had some cool salvage parts. I guess the motor isn't going to be continuous rated, but I can hang another on it. It's got to have a little bit of push to levitate about a pound and a half worth of toy hovercraft and batteries. Probably about a half an amp screamer though.

Ummm so I haven't thought of much to do with it yet, something will probably come to mind when I get my new bits. I could use it as a RAM FAN Just put it wherever and duct onto my DDR. Maybe it would be a good blower for a small bong. Maybe blow the voltage regs. Maybe overclock my 386sx25 laptop to 40mhz and fit the blower in the (dead) battery bay :D

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Well I've got it fully dismantled now. Looks like the blower is only going to be usable with a bit of work, half the ducting was part of the plastic shell, looked more like a "unit". The motor on it is no good either. Looks like the poor thing fell victim to "weakest link syndrome" all the electronics and the blower motor were sealed up real nice in a box with a rubber seal clamped down with screws. However....... water got in through the shaft of the motor, rusted it up, blew a few components on the circuit board...... it's kinda funny when you see how careful they were with everything else, external contacts sealed into the case etc.

Anyway, I think I've got a motor that came out of a cassette player that will probably be good with the rotor on. It should be good for continuous use, although it won't be quite as powerful or probably as fast as the original motor was. However that probably would not have lasted long anyhow. If I wanted to rig a duct for it quick, I'd say a 5 disk floppy case, maybe even a cassette tape case, with a side cut out and a hole for the shaft and inlet would work good. But I might manage a little more sophistication than that.

Other than that, got a cool looking fan grille off the top of the thing, would fit a 92mm. One of the propulsion motors at the back had it's fan and shroud busted, the other was complete, so might use the grille off that one on a 50 or 60mm fan. Tested that motor and fan, must get a hell of a CFM, I ran it on a wall wart and had it flapping a wet bath towel that was hanging up nearby around like it was tissue paper. However, while that might be useful for temporary experiments in seeing how some extreme CFM would improve a sink, I don't think it will be useful for permanent use. I will probably make it into a power pod for a model aircraft.

Hmmmm just thought, I have a broken PCI graphics card, I could chisel the chips off it, cut everything but the 5V traces, and mount the blower to it to make my own slot fan, but a good one! Or maybe I should power it off a drive connector. Maybe I could do that and duct it to pull cold air in the case and blow it on the AGP RAM . . . . . . . .

Might use a couple of slots width, but I will only need a NIC and the AGP card in there.

Hmmm I like the PCI card as a cooler base idea, might use that for a fan if I don't use this blower on it.

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