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Mixing video capture cards

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Mar 28, 2001
SLC, Utah
If I was to buy a new Gainward Geforce3 video card with VIVO, and a ATI TV-Wonder card, would I run into issues when trying to capture video, or is there some way to select the capture device I want to use. Programs will be Virtualdub, Adobe Premiere 6.0, Ulead Video Studio, and that VCR .. whatever .. program that comes with capture cards.
Generally yes as long as the 2 cards use different hardware. For example you can't have 2 cards based on the BT8x8 chip in your system and have them work at the same time as their drivers tend to conflict with each other. Most of your stand alone TV tuner cards are based on those chips. The all-in-one video cards with Video capture built-in generally use some other type chip and can usually co-exist with add-in Tv tuner cards. For example there are people who have All-in-wonder Radeons and Hauppauge TV tuner cards in the same system. Most video capture applications will allow you to choose which device you want to capture from. Of course there may be exceptions to this and not all cards may get along together as they should. So, I can't say for certain that those 2 cards will co-exist peacefully, but if the basic question is can you have multiple video capture devices installed in a system, then yes.
I happen to know that any pure capture card (with no other video features) will run with any geforce card. Outside of that, it's a guessing game like the prior post explained.