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Motherboard ? Please help !!!!!

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Da Whip

Senior Member
Feb 2, 2001
Sunny Florida, you can keep the midwest!!
My MOBO question , is why after all of the touting of the abit and asus boards, are there so many (Do the math) conflicts and problems w/ these great, buy this, never fails product. Is it me or all the supporters just trying to justify their purchase??
I am not saying mine is better than yours, but everytime a newbie asks what is best, all these Abit/Asus owners forget all the posts and questions they had w/ their "best" board.
Thought I would throw a few coals on the fire! Lets see where this goes?
I will admit there is a few problems with Abit boards;as with all boards. I have been building computers for a hobby for four years.I have got about fifty computers out in the world(along with the five Ihave here at home) I have used a lot of different brands of boards. In my own personal opion the Abit KT7A-Raid is the best I have used. I havn't used an Asus or Iwill So I can't comment on them. But if I didn't feel the way I do I wouldn't have Abit boards in my two main computers here at home.
All I can say is each to there own opion.
KT7A-Raid T-Bird 1333@1612 watercooled
KT7-Raid Tbird 1000@1144 aircooled
As long as we are bringing math into the picture...if there are 1000 brand 'A' products and 100 brand 'B' products on the street which is more reliable brand 'A' with 100 problems or brand 'B' with 50 problems? (I personally have absolutely no idea what the relative quantities of boards or problems are.)
I see your point, although I never gave it much thought. I guess the next time I should look for the best "Power Up" or "Lucky Star" board that I can afford.
I understand, what you are aiming at. But it´s not the brand that counts for me, but the features of the boards. And in this aspect, Abit is quite ahead of the other brands
I almost laugh at this post !!! With the maker of your board RMAing them I cant help but laugh.

I know ABIT has had some problems but READ the POSTS about IWIL and MSI thay are the newest boards that have been put to use among other members,and what a joke I feel thay have been,GREAT REVIEWS ON THE IWILL,and soon after tons of serious problems not compatability issues,BUT Serious mother board MALfunctions.Like cant set fsb ,cant set processor clock!!Show me a Abit board that would not let you set your processor to stock LMAO !!! In my opinion IWILL has rushed on to the overclocker arena,With sad results.