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MSI KT4, no video, any thoughts?

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Aug 12, 2002
Chicago, IL
OK, got a KT4VL, AND an MSI G4TI4200.

When I turn on the machine, I get 1,2,3 green and 4 red on the dbraket --> initializing video interface. NO BOOT UP, NO POST, HELP me HELP me. :)

Here's the story .......
Put everything together, everything works. THEN, I TURN OFF THE VIDEO in the bios. (advanced bios features / primary display = absent) I pull out the video card. I boot off the network. The machine runs fine, I can telnet to the machine, ping its IP, all OK.

NOW, I want to run with the video again. I put my card back in. Boot up, no video. OH, ya, still off in bios. SO, I clear the cmos. Set jumper on 2,3. Wait. Take battery out. Wait. Put batter in. Set jumper on 1,2. Reboot, no video. Tried another AGP card. NO video. Tried a PCI video card, no video.

OK, anyone got any ideas?

Thanks much for any straws to grasp.


Oct 31, 2002
I Got a kt4 ultra a while ago that i had to replace for a similar issue. YOu should plug in a pc speaker to test if you get 8 beeps in a row. if so, this means your board is having and error in writing to the video ram. pci, agp, it wont matter. I had to take mine back and get it replaced because this cannot be fixed and is either a flaw in chipset, or physical board damage. at least as much as i have been told. But take advantage of the warantee. since i returned it, this one, same board, has had no issues at all. i hope it stays this way or else I will regard kt 400 boards as too delicate and get a kt 333.