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My CAK38 Temps-What are yours!?

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Jun 19, 2001
hey...i got CAK38's on my cpu's...they run at 25C/75F idle and at heavy load, it goes up to 33C/91F, and my ambient temperature is from 23-25C/73-77F how are those temps? and for ya'll out there with them also, what are your temps!? You can see my cpu's down below!
And does anyone know what hysteresis is anyways!?
Hysteresis as it refers to cpus is like a sleep mode.
When a cpu gets too hot it will go into hysteresis.
If you set the hysteresis level in your bios then if your cpu overheats once it cools to the hysteresis setting a signal will be sent telling the cpu to "wake up" and start working again.
I'm glad someone finally explained that one. I never saw a credible explanation for the hysteresis alarms in VIA HM. I thought it was simply an alarm if you didn't want the CPU too cool, to avoid wide swings in temperature taking some kind of mechanical toll on the die. Thanks Placid.