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my p4

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Jul 30, 2002
my freind gave my a p4 1400 with onboard lan,sound and aparently gefore2 of somekind.but the thing is board has no agp slot.plus only has 3 pci

so im gonna replace board so whats cheapest good board there is?


Jul 11, 2002
P4 is gonna be a socket 478 (or something like that)

I'm happy with the Asus board I've got (check the sig). FSB settings can be changed by single mhz, should be good for overclocking, but I haven't gotten much into that yet. Went from 100 fsb to 106, and my stupid Sounblaster 16 card started crapping out. I supposed it's time for a better sound card. I think you can lock the PCI speeds as well with this board, but I haven't tried that yet either.

Anyway, the board is rock solid, folds 24/7.


Apr 3, 2002
Delft, The Netherlands
The 1.4 could either be a 478 or a 423. Depends on the number of pins it has. You can tell the difference by the amount of the "green board" that comes from underneath the heatspreader. Is it only about 2-3 mm it would indicate a 478, if it is more, it would be a 423.

If I were you I'd go for a DDR board this time around. The SDRAM is slooooooooooow. If you intend to keep the SDRAM because of money, I'd suggest keeping the board for the time being as well, and upgrade both memory and board at the same time.

One last point to keep in mind. The 1.4 is based on a Willamette core. This means you won't be able to overclock far (if you intended to do that in the first place).