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My Thunderbird fried ? Please help !

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I just bought a 1Gigz Thunderbid and an Abit KT7A. I just tried to overclock my Thunderbird by using the pencil trick. The system first startup and said my CPU was incorrect, then afterward, I was not able to bott the system at all. It powers up, then shut itself down immediately.
I've tried to clear the CMOS, remove the pencil traces by using a wet cloth. Reinstall ... same thing. Could anyone tell me what I should try ? And how do I know if the CPU is really fried, or the motherboard just froze up ?
I would appreciate any help enormously, as I am a newbie and it's my first attempt at overclocking, I might have done something stupid. But please help.

Thanks !
Try cleaning off that pencil with some good cleaner
(Thinner or alcohol) and check the pins on the cpu for breaks.
The best way to check the cpu is on a second mobo/computer but i assume you dont have that options so check that cpu for breaks or bended pins
Yeah, when you get it going forget the pencil trick. You've got a KT133A mobo so just up the FSB. You system performance get better as the FSB increases anyway, so why bother with those stinking bridges?
she may be gone bra, yeah dave's right, but u should still get as much experience around u when u do that stuff. i've done both multis and fsb. right now tb800@1000 (7.5x133) on a a7v133. u've got to make sure every step u take is perfect, or the die will die (strange line). when i did my bridges on the tb, i did them under a microscope at school. take these steps and u'll be in OC bliss my brother.

good luck,