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Need advice for my first WC Build

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Mar 17, 2017
Hello Everyone!

I'm new here and I am currently planning my very first Custom Loop Build. I'm not sure about some components though. This is the plan so far https://geizhals.de/?cat=WL-779111 along various Watercooling components from EKWB (screenshot at the end)

I want to OC the Ryzen to about 4k and the 1080ti aswell as far as I can get while stable. A friend told me this is a bad MB for the money and I should get a different one. He also said I should get a be quiet PSU instead. Please enlighten me what you guys would recommend. If there are any other components you would change please tell me.

I also had a question about the build itself. I was planning to have 2 fans at the front and 2 on top and none in the back. Can I do that? I don't want to have negative case pressure. Also are the fans too strong or rather can I replace two of the with lower RPM fans? Or should I just leave it like this and also add the case fan in the back despite having more exhaust than intake at that point?

Thanks in advance!

WC Loop.jpg
First off.... read the stickies at the top of this forum. Second.... no coloured fluid. If you want colour, get coloured tubes.

The EVGA PSU is fine.
I am pretty sure that the crosshair received a BIOS update to fix it's issues, but make sure you upgrade to the newest BIOS when you receive the board.

That is the wrong WB if you are indeed going with a 1080TI. You need a Titan XP block not a 1080 block.

For decent temps/noise level you will need at least a 360 rad.

If you are dead set on that case, I would rethink your need of a cd drive. Just use a usb external drive. Strip out all the cages in the front, run a 360 rad there and a 240 in the top.

Something like this..... just a random image from Google. Do not run coloured fluid.... ever.

Somthing like this.jpeg

I will look more in depth when I have time.
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Hey thanks for the quick answer!

Fine you got me I'll go triple Rad front with no CD Drive and double rad top. And no I'm not dead set on the case I just really like the basement to hide the PSU & pump and the top cover so the Rad does not stick into my case and is still hidden. If you can recommend some different cases with the same features I'll be happy to take a look at those aswell. I was just hoping not to spend a fortune on a huge case that I won't ever fill. I'm not planning to ever go SLI or dual CPU or anything. Also you seem to be very much against any form of color in the fluid. Why is that? I've heard people saying both now. You say I should go Colored Tubing with Clear Fluid?

BTW thanks for pointing out I picked the wrong Block ^^
Going with your original plan of 240mm in the front and the top is fine as well while keeping your bays. That's still a total of 480mm of heat surface. With a CPU + GPU only loop, you should be good to go.

I agree, stick with colored tubing, PrimoChill Advanced LRT and RGB leds for ambient lighting.

Also, stick with EK's clear premixed fluid. Just make sure to follow the maintenance requirements they state on their product.

Use the coolingconfigurator from EK to see which blocks fit your card. Soul is right, the 1080 blocks won't fit the 1080 Ti GPU. The PCBs are more in line with the Titan X (P).
If going 360 & 240 will allow me to go with lower RPM fans I'll happily scrap the Optical Drive I really don't need it.
I had originally thought you only had 1 240 in there. GTXJB is correct on the 2 X 240's being adequate for your build.

If you don't need the drive, I still like the 360 + 240 set up.
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Alright so I updated my list. I'm now going with no optical drive and a triple rad instead so I can go with 5 1150RPM fans. EKWB doesn't have all the components in stock till the 20th so can you recommend any similar cases I can look into or should I just stick with what I have in mind right now?
I didn't want to go over 200 for the case because I really don't see the need of a huge tower with all glass and such
Ok so under $200 and no glass cases? Particularly a mid-size case to house all that in?
Then put it on a piece of plywood if you can't spend $$ on the case. Buy a cheap small picnic table. It makes it sooo easy to work on you can drill holes anywhere you want and still put it in the yard to put BBQ ribs on. Save till you can buy the case. WC ain't cheap.
Alright so I think I'll just stick to this case for now and If I can't make it work well... Lesson learned. Thanks for the help everyone I'll post an update once I'm finished or as soon as I run into any issues ^^
Don't get complacent. Jog down what you're going to be playing with. Create a blueprint with measurements. That will give you an idea if you can fit it all in said case.

There are countless of cases out there that are water cooling friendly.
I did look into it quite a bit actually. I also measured my Sound Card to make sure that it will fit over / under my GPU without interfering with the tubing. For the issue of "fitting everything in said case" I found this video for assurance.
He basically did the same build that I'll be going for and it works great.

EDIT: If I find the time tomorrow I'll make a full Visio Plan with the exact measurements just bo be sure.
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Finding build logs and videos always helps. Looks like you're heading in the right direction.

Keep us posted.