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Need cooling suggestions for my case. w/diagrams :)

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New Member
Dec 20, 2000
First take a look at my lousy diagram, http://www.vulcan4d.f2s.com/pc.jpg

The arrows indicate which way the fans blow. As you can see Air flow in my case sucks, it's pretty cramped in there. The GoldenOrb blows air towards the cpu, but because the power supply is blocking the air flow I get higher temps than I should. I stuck on another 40mm fan right on top of the Golden Orb to have a dual fan combo which helps a bit, but since it's summer the temps still ain't nice. I need some suggestions from ya guys on how to improve air flow in my PC case, withough anything crazy like water cooling ;). Just plain fans, that's all. I don't want to replace the case either, seems like a waste :). I was thinking of 2 ways I can improve air flow, tell me what you think?

Install 40mm fan on the side of the golden orb to push air down and out of the case:

Install 40mm fan on the side of the golden orb to push air up and out of the case:
Take out your psu, take the cover off and turn the fan around so that it is sucking/pushing air through the psu and exhausting out to the room.

Try that and measure temps, then turn 40mm fan around to blow into case and see if that helps, although it's so small I doubt it will make much of a difference. You might want to try a baffle to direct the airflow toward the cpu and prevent it being sucked through the psu.
I have similar case design and GORB. I have Slot 1 mobo with slocket so the GORB is facing to front side of the case. It sucks air from the front and blows it out to BX chipset HS and PSU fan hole on the other side. PSU has exhaust outside the case.

What I did was added intake in front of the case (nowadays 120mm) and outlet on top of the case (nowadays 120mm as well) above the GORB. with this setup I have gotten 38°C load temps when case tamperature has been 22-23°C measured about 1 inch from the GORB. This with case fans dropped to about 6 volts. Right now I have PSU taken out from the case and the hole it left covered with cardboard (I think it is possibly inferior to previous setup).

So if the that is slot 1 I see on the pic of the mobo (http://www.ecs.com.tw/products/graphics/b-p6bata+.jpg) You could think about getting a slocket to turn the fan direction by 90°.