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Need help buying a good video card

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curently i have a voodoo 3 agp 3dfx video card which uses glide. Right now it is overclocked from stock 166 to 194 mhz. My windows is very fast as well as games like Unreal T. I did go to comp USa and purchase the kyro 2 64 meg video card that just came out. I tried it ou and there was a little improvment , but not worth keeping so i returned it. Do you think the GTs leadtek pro with 64 meg DDR will satisfy me more? I am looking to pay 150-200 bucks. Right now i am running
1000mhz slot a
380 megs ram crucial cas 2 pc 133 which only runs at 100mhz bus
voodoo 3 that gets only 3500 marks in 3d 2000

With 1000mhz processor shouldnt i be able to get at least 5000 marks? in 3dmark 2000 if so which card would i need? I know that the geforce 3 can do it but im not ready for that card yet


Just Another Retired Moderator
Dec 19, 2000
Lawrenceville, GA
Leadtek makes good cards. I have a GeForce 256 DDR in my second PC from them.

I'll just say what I always say about choosing video cards (this is my opinion)...if you want speed, then GeForce is what to get...if you want the best visuals, then get a Radeon 64MB VIVO (I have one).


Apr 21, 2001
Narf City, USA
I've owned two leadtek cards, very dependable and overclocking friendly. The GTS Pro should satisfy your need for speed, I get 100 FPS in UT with my current setup -- just imagine!


Senior Member
Dec 22, 2000
Actually that score of 3500 on a Voodoo3 3k with your system is a very good score. Voodoo3s are maxed out at around that level even with a very fast CPU. It's the Voodoo5 that can reach 4500 - 5000 max score with a fast system. GeForce2 GTS with a Ghz system gets about 8000. GeForce2 Pro will get higher score.


8000 marks in 3d2000 ,wow thats alot.
Yeah i get about 3550 with the voodoo 3 at 195 mhz from the stock 166mhz. I just added 384 megs of ram of crucial cas 2 pc133 which didnt do crap. I think this ram is only good if you have a board that can run at 133mhz. Mine only goes to 100mhz which sucks. I cant even change the FSB on my 7ix gigabyte oh well ,the board is almost 16months old and its running a overclocked 900 tbird to 1000mhz perfectly stable at low temps. I guess what im trying to say is that to take full advantage of my processor i will need either a gts pro DDR or gts.
I did see one review where a gighertz system with a geforce 2 GTS pro 64 meg ddr was just as fast as the 1.2 or 1.3 gighertz running with a geforce mx


Radeon LE isn't bad for the price, but it is mainly just the radeon chips that were not good enough for the other radeons. I think at that level, a Geforce2 MX is a much better bet.

Blue Jester_2112

May 11, 2001
You mentioned the GF3 but said you weren't ready for it. Why not pick up a Hercules 3d Prophit MX w/64 meg of DDR and put the rest away for the GF3 when they come down in price/have games to take advantage of them. I believe the mx goes for about $130 at compusa and the Hercules cards tend to be excellent overclockers. You could save some cash, get a new card, boost your 3d mark scores and keep yourself busy overclocking the card and tweaking it out for weeks to come.

Just my $.02 on the subject =]


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Feb 20, 2001
I get 4400 with my system with a GeForce 2 MX, but My dads friend only gets 3300 with his system.

My spec His System

Duron650 TBird 700
128MB PC133 RAM 384MB PC133 RAM
GeForce 2 MX 32 Meg ATI Rage Fury Maxx 64MB