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Need help finding Thermistors

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Jun 20, 2001
Calgary, AB
I have been putting together a direct temperature monitoring system now and I have it all put together! The only unfortunate thing is that I wasn't able to get any additional thermistors from the place I was ordering from. I would like to get this thing all wrapped up, is there anywhere you guys know I can buy these things? Radio Shack has some thermistors, but the picture of it makes it look very large and not what I want.

Any suggestions?

There was an article a couple of months ago about taking those large thermistors and taking the outside coating off of them so that they are not as bulky and also making them a little more acurate if you check the tips section the article may have found its way there i dont know enough of the fine details to tell you the rest sorry all i remember.
Thanks for the tip! I did manage to locate the appropriate thermistors at Radio Shack. They are part # 271-110. Work great, they are just the thermistor though, not any wiring or connectors or anything, but that works fine for my application. Only cost $4 Cdn ($2 US), and since they don't have that coating on it, they do seem to be half a degree cooler than the one that came with my compunurse LCD montior, likley due to the insulation given by the coating.

The actual thermistor part of the device can vary in size considerably. Even after removing the epoxy coating, those blue ones from RS are too big for most CPU monitoring. They are fine for most other measuring chores though. Aside from the Enermax units, I have yet to source any small enough to run into a hole drilled in the HS or between the CPU substrate and HS base.

Yes, these ones, while rather small and pretty thin are still to think to go inbetween the heatsink and CPU, that works fine for my purposes. I will use the Shack ones for other components and the one that came with the LCD, which is nice and thin for the CPU.