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--New Fridge Cooler Idea--

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World's Biggest E-Thug
Feb 9, 2002
Right now im having cooling problems as my PC acts as a space
heater and my room has lots of windows and recieves direct
sun. My room can be 80F and the rest are 65F, even next
door room sothe ambient temps are killing my system & CPU

i have devised a plan to fix this. please tell me what you think.
it is a normal mini fridge with a whole cut in it and a 120MM
fan attached blowing cold air into the open side of my case.

please excuse the bad quality, i only gots MS paint :p
here is kind of an idea. maybe i could add more fans

what do yall think?
if you have a fridge why would you need a fan blowing air inside??? after all fridges give out heat it would seem more intelligent to have the fan blowing out.
i dont get what you are saying, i guess im slow like that :p

the fan attached to the fridge will blow the cold air contained
inside it into the PC, which is like having a chilly ambient temp.
There are a number of points that you haven't mentioned. With the fan directing air out of the fridge how is the displaced air going to be replaced in the fridge with a sealed door?
A few basics here. 1stly this a fridge and not designed to be an air-con so it definitely will not handle an endless stream of room temperature air and cool it effectively. With that out the way.
Here is a suggestion.
By placing a partition between the mobo and the PSU you should be able to get a fan bringing cold air from the fridge into the mobo partition and then use another fan to exhaust the air back into the fridge. In the fridge set up fans that circulate the air over the evaporator.
Finally save yourself a whole lot of trouble and do what I did .

Have you gotten anywhere with your fridge cooling? I'm thinking about trying the same kind of thing. Cutting a couple of holes in the fridge and running some fans and duct-work to my case. My fridge won't fit on my desk, but it will fit under it. Seems most people use fridges for watercooling, but can they be used with air cooling effectively?
no bro, i kinda gave it up after being shot down by

though i did use this instead