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New Rig- Pre Built?

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Feb 26, 2003
I was talking to a buddy of mine who builds rigs for a living. For his personal setup, he said "I'm tired of building rigs, for my personal, I might go with a prebuilt one, I've seen some good deals"

I'm at a point with some of my software where Win7 is not supported if I want to update. I might update my OS w/my current setup, or maybe go the route my buddy is going to do.

I'm busy working a lot, and may not have time to build a new system, trouble shoot IF needed- my current rig in sig file was easy to put together in that respect. I'm just not sure if I have the time to build one etc.

Are the pre-built computers out there good? I haven't looked at a pre-built system in eons. Back when I was building, the stores had pre-made systems, but they were always with older parts and a home-made one would be faster all the time.- hands down. Unless you were buying from Falcon Northwest.

Is that still the case? I don't need bleeding speed.

I'm doing dig photography, and sure gaming would be nice too.

I don't need a new monitor- I like mine, nor do I need speakers.

I'd say my price point is $1,000- but I suspect that price is too low due to crypto hogging up all the chips, plus vid cards are so expensive and so many different models now! but I'll certainly go higher if necessary. I did for my rig in sig file when I built. You can't futureproof a system, but my rig in the sig file has held me all this time with no issues to be honest.

Any suggestions, ideas, input etc is appreciated.
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Are the pre-built computers out there good?
Yes. Depends on the brand though.. Maingear, Stincebuilt, iBuypower, all quality builders IMO.

due to crypto hogging up all the chips
Huh? THere are plenty of chips out there.. they used to use GPUs, now, it's only for those bawls deep already it seems. GPU prices are still high and likely to remain that high without significant drops soon.