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Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006
For New Milestones!

                 tuigi69 @ 15,383,492
              nucligator @ 15,018,747
                   klear @ 14,112,271[/COLOR][COLOR=#62B1F6]

           sneakysnowman @ 12,895,720[/COLOR][COLOR=#009ACD]

              dismorphic @ 10,309,202[/COLOR][COLOR=#6DCBF1]

              surferseth @ 8,516,787[/COLOR][COLOR=#1464F4]

                 cgcihil @ 1,017,209
                     JoT @ 1,013,849
                oakstave @ 1,011,096[/COLOR][COLOR=#3677EE]

                   Ozzlo @ 768,687
                   Duner @ 570,195
                 gottcha @ 564,303
                 otogrim @ 379,526
         trisha_campbell @ 356,626
                 ebug122 @ 229,679
               JimMorbid @ 200,082

Tuigi69, Nucligator, and Klear, lead us out with powerful mid-teen Million milestones. It's amazing how often these guys are making milestones! Swagman, did you have a 2 for 1 sale, I didn't know about? :D

Don't look now, but SneakySnowman is sneaking up on those three teammates, with more than a snowball's chance of passing.

Dismorphic and Surferseth are next. Would you believe they have a combined ppd of over 130,000? :shock:

Our newest additions to the Millionaire's Club are next: :welcome:
Cgcihil, JoT, and Oakstave! No, we don't keep a key under the front door mat. Yes, we're very glad to have you with us.

In our sub-million list, we have a large assortment of teammates, including our Rally/Contest maestro, Ozzlo.

Put all this together, and you can see why we're now scheduled to pass OCAU in 1.9 months, and why EVGA hasn't been able to shorten their passing date for T32, in the last week.

Great folding everyone! :thup: :thup:


Senior Folding Zombie
Jun 16, 2001
Somewhere in the top 100 folders for team 32
So am I not showing up on the list you guys are using for this. I've been wondering about this. As I have a milestone for myself in 4 days I break the 5k mark @ 500,661. As soon as Jester220 get me that Geforce 8800GTX it will be running SMP and GPU folding on Native Nix.

So congrats to all those folders breaking goals, milestones, and folding those WUs till their gear will no longer run.:beer::beer::beer::comp::salute::salute::burn:

For future reference I'm "The_Penguin"


Sep 20, 2007
Congrats to all our Milestoners well done Everyone!! :clap::attn::thup:

Milestones Have Been Updated

Data - Sat Dec 05 @ 07:30:00 PST 2009


Fold On!


You can't fire me, I have
Jun 3, 2002
Mmmm, a million. Took me years to get this far :D


Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006
BlueFalcon13, if you've been missed, tell me your folding handle and I'll check into it.

AmbientFiction ("The_Penguin"), you're here:

The_Penguin 487137

Your next milestone will be when you reach 500,000 points. You're close!

These milestones are pulled straight from Stanford's servers, and processed by my program. If there's a problem, please let me know.


Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006
Hank123, you were apparently done in by the international date line.

Jolly Swagman runs the milestone program, this time, on 12/5. And you made it to 2 million, on 12/5 or 12/4, I can't tell which.

Since JS is on the other side of the date line, he *really* ran the program with data from our 12/4 - which was just a few hours before you passed your 2 million milestone. :rain:

After I get the data from JS, it is usually at least a few hours before I get it posted up.

We'll be sure to catch you on our next milestone post, and congratulations on reaching two million. That speaks volumes about your dedication to the science that FAH is working on.