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New to pentium 4

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Mar 23, 2001
Suwanee, GA
I just bought a 1.9 gig 423pin 400bus stepping-SL5WH for $100 (my first pentium 4 :)) and wanted to know what motherboards are good and what difference in overclocking is to the 478pinned ones


Oct 24, 2002
AFAIK Abit motherboards are the best for overclocking. I heard that the BG7 doesnt live up to Abit's name tho.


Jun 27, 2002
NL, Europe
The 1.9Ghz (S423) cpu is a poor overclocker. It was made on the .18 micron process and based on the older Willamette core. Socket 423 boards aren't the greatest for overclocking options themselves either. Sorry to tell you, but this CPU was a poor purchase in this sense...

For a better OC stand I suggest you look to S478 Northwood (.13) cores. A 1.8A chip will take you a long way with 2400 quite easy... whereas the 1.9 you have may well top out at 100-200Mhz OC.


Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
Again, what Fizz said. Those Willies are lucky to hit 2 gig when overclocked. The other thing is that the socket 423 is obsolete. There is no upgrade path. I'd try to sell that CPU or return it. Get a Northwood P-4. If that is not an option, then look into getting a good socket 478 mobo and use an adapter (I think there is one available). Abit and Asus are the best overclocking mobos, in my opinion.