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New Member
Feb 17, 2001
I am new to building but have done a little bit of research. I want a CPU that's upgradable, I was thinking of the 850MHz Tbird since i can goto 1.2GHz. Mostly wondering what is the best type of board and memory to use.
getting an 850 to 1.2 is not a given... you'll need good cooling and lots of power. and make sure it's blue.
as for the mobo and ram:
mobo: abit kt7a-raid
ram: mushkin high performance rev3 if you're feeling rich, and crucial cas2 if you're a bit money-conscious. the crucial is still great, and very cheap at the moment.
Go for the 'minies, blue core t-birds 900 and beyond...
But o/c to 1.2ghz? Maybe if u are Azz broda. 8)
If you're thinking of building a new AMD system from scratch and you want a solid base to build from I recommend the Asus A7V133.

The Asus motherboards are great to work with. I have an Asus A7V, and it is a pleasure. The manual is easy to follow, and actually - helpful! :) The A7V133 is just an A7V with an upgraded chipset. Allowing 133 MHz FSB. Which means that when you are ready to upgrade to one of the 1.2 GHz T-birds you'll be able to get the (266 FSB) version.

Since I am recommending a KT133A motherboard that makes the memory recommendation easy. Crucial CL2 SDRAM. Right now you can get 256 MB for ~ $90. That's a steal. Heck, get (2) 256 MB DIMMs and you'll be set for a while to come. If you ever intend on running Win 2k server you'll be glad you have that extra RAM.

http://www.crucial.com/webpromo/ Just hit that link and you'll get 15% off on your purchase. Note: Don't register with their web-site. You'll get bumped down to 10%. Just hit the link, and look for the CL2 SDRAM (168 pin DIMM).

That's the link for the 256 MB CL2 DIMM.

One other reason for my A7V133 recommendation. This is a mature motherboard. Even though it has just been released. It's a proven performer. Other motherboards may perform 2-3% better under certain circumstances, but at some point stability has to count for something.
Thanks Richard, I'll have a look to see what i can get on that MoBo. And sorry bout the misunderstanding with the Proc, i meant i can UPGRADE the 850 to 1.2 not overclock it.