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newbies needs some help plz

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bbka shadow

New Member
Mar 14, 2001
this is gona sound silly but ive just overclocked my comp fine but its a bit hot and i need to get some fans going but where do i put then in.do i need a nuther psu.
thankz 4 your help
Ok 1st how how big is your PS? 2nd, this is not carved in stone but 4 excellent places are 1-a fan on top of the case exhausting hot air (92 or 120mm) 2- A fan blowing directly on mobo (dual 92's are nice but a 120mm works good.) 3- back of case above/below powersupply (dual 80mm's work good) 4- bottom front of your case blowing nice cool air into the case (92 or 120mm) Those are my opinions, some agree some dont.
Case fans

I agree, but one little thing: don't forget the fan/heatsink on your CPU :D LOL What I could recommend is a thermometer to measure the temps of the air entering and leavind your case, give's you a nice idea whether your case fans are sufficient. I use the PSU fan, 80mm out at the backside, PCI slot radial cooler out, HD-cooler in (2x 30mm fan and big hole, dust filter, to compensate for all the outgoing air). Not to forget the closed circel waterloop with bleedtube and radiator outside the case in separate, ready to go housing (for lan-parties etc.). Watercooling made most of the case cooling absolete, but too much cooling can't hurt, for if cooling fails e.d.?

some days ago, my fan which pumps the air through my radiator to blow the heat out of the coolant stopped functioning at night, with the computer running SETI and me sleeping (according to temp registration, it must have stopped half an hour after I went sleeping). Next morning, it was silent... TOO silent. The fan is the only thing I hear. I went to have a look, fan stopped. **** feld the tubing, warm-hot. Because of the water still going round, and the temp high, it dumped enough heat to surroundings passively. good for me. My core went to 45°C, coolant must have been around 35-40°C, most of the latter. Block and tubbing in my case are passively cooled by case fans. The rest outside the system also helped.

When your pump stops, it's end of story. That's something you can't correct by passive cooling. Worst case scenario is that of melting tubes on your block. That's the reason why I use a brand new pump.

Oh, ****, you were just a newbie with a question 'bout case cooling. Yeah, it's good, take the advice from OpenFriday. Hope you enjoy the dangers and adventures of OC'ing.
1st thanks 4 that help. Its a 230v . i was thinking of a big intake fan and out take like u said and a hard drive cooler and a golden orb onto my geforce but were do i plug it all into.Thats the only thing thats peed my of cus none of the webs sites tell u.