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No boot No boot

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nick adams

Feb 8, 2001
Ok this **** is pissing me off...........
I recieved my Athlon 850 back a couple of days ago and i poped it in and wham ....not a damn thing?
so, needless to say i start cruising the net and find a 700 Duron for 56$ so i opt for one.
I just poped it in and, cool, bios can up......everything looks good....windows boots......
so being a little greedy i shutdown the computer, went into bios and changed the multiplier to 8.0 and to my dismay not a damn thing happened the stupid thing didn't even post.....any sugestions???

Same scenario as before reason for sending off the athlon 850
check out find
Using a asus a7v board
Yes that would be required to change the multiplier.......
this is not a beginners forum this is a forum for overclockers having problems....
Turn Jumper Free mode off and use the dipswitches to set the multiplier. I have had much more success this way with the A7V. Also, if it will not boot you can turn off jumper free mode and set the speed back down to 700 MHz (100 MHz FSB, 7 multiplier), that should get you back up and running. You can view the jumper setup as a backup in case the BIOS screws up.

If you need to clear the CMOS there are two points you can short with a flathead screw driver. You can find them just above the CMOS battery and they should be labeled "clear CMOS". The A7v is supposed to reset your changes if they don't work. So you could try turning the power on and off a few times to see if you get anything.

Like I said though, I've had more success using the jumpers with the A7v. Mostly because none of my A7v support multiplier adjustments in BIOS ;-) . My A7v133 does, though, and it will always reset if I try to push it too high after a power on and off.
this happenes with both cpus...
yes i did try reseting the cmos manually and automatically.....
What temps are you seeing? What heatsink/fan combo are you using? If you're using the dip switches, double check your orientations. I wasted a little time cursing at the board until I realized that I had all the dip switches backwards....make sure you understand which way is on and which way is off. What is your voltage set to? What did you use to connect the L1 bridges?