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Note 5 backup

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Look into the application 'Helium'. I've used it for my galaxy s5.
I looked into it, seems like it only backs-up app data and can't even do it for all apps. I'm looking for something that'll back everything up, Apps, settings, pictures, contacts etc...
Is your phone rooted?

+1 :)

If your phone is rooted there are apps that will take pretty good backups (Look into Titanium Backup to see if it has all that you are looking for, it might. But it needs root). There other option that is even better is called a nandroid backup, but is more involved still. Nandroid is a total system image and has saved my behind several times when playing with my phones. Please note though, that what I am saying is kind of dated information from the Android 4.4 era and I do not know how well it will translate to newer versions or your particualr device. Manufacturers may have locked those capabilities by now for all I know :)

Long story short: I use a combination of Titanium and Nandroid to accomplish what you are talking about on a different version of the OS and a different device. Hope that helps :)
Thanks for the help! My phone just got the 6.0.1 update so there probably isn't a root for it yet, but I will definitely look into it. I recently lost everything I had on my phone so I'm pretty determined on finding a way
Meh. Never say never. There very likely is root for your device even though it just rolled over. I have seen devices that haven't got a working root before but it is usually at the debut of a new OS (when the whole she-bang is brand new, not just for a particular device) and those Samsung devices (forgive me if it isn't one but I'm working from memory) get root first because of the amount that of users. Higher user count means a larger development community as well. Good luck and post back with your results :)

Edit: a quick word of advice : read the root literature carefully and take the warnings seriously. Root can be AWESOME, but the precautionary statements are there for a reason. Also the only device I've ever had a hard brick on (unrecoverable) wasn't even rooted and I was doing a factory reset. :)
I've rooted phones before, it's pretty simple nowadays. The only problem I have is that this phone is under the att next plan, which means if I don't wanna pay extra I have to ship this phone back when I upgrade. If I remember correctly, if you root it sets off a sensor even if you factory reset the phone. Might run into problems there.
I only root used hardware that us already out of warranty so I've never run across that issue. But I do think you are correct.
Without root (I'd use oandbackup if it were), your only option is to manually do it. You can export/import contacts (*.vcf), calendar events (*.ics), installed apk's, and obviously folders. Settings? no.
For installed apk backup use MiXplorer. It's free & skinnable. The rest should be builtin or just google it.

Previously I suggested MLManager but realized it tries to call home a 1000x one too many. Garbage.
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How about a Cloud based backup? I was able to do that when I upgraded to the Note 5 from an S5 with Samsung Smart Switch. I used their backup utility, and it updated my Note 5 with my contacts, messages, apps, etc.
if your phone is out of warranty, you can try rooting it. if it isn't, rooting isn't worth a try.
For unrooted phone, i only can give you some suggestions. Hope it works
1. Recovery Android software: I haven't tried yet but some say it works.
2. Try transfer to another Samsung device instead with Samsung Smart Switch
+Install from Play Store
+Apk file for PC/Other phones
3. If you want to save all your game data, you can contact admin of official game forums, ask them for tranferring all your data to another new account. Nothing gets lost.

Have fun!
Note5 has root. Titanium Backup is my go to for backups...nandroid is great, but you need to install a custom recovery system after rooting...ClockWorkMod(CWM) is the original and still supports new devices, but TeamWin Recovery Program(?)(TWRP) has gained a lot of traction and is preferred for most new devices. Best advice I can give is to get more info about rooting & flashing your Note5 on XDA Forums.

Note that Both Titanium Backup & Nandroid save files on your phone's internal memory & you would have to manually copy them to your PC.