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NVIDIA 11.01 OR 12.41

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Jan 11, 2001
I have the 11s has anyone tested the 12s for speed and stability. using win 98
Actually I think the 6.67 or 6.50 drivers are the fastest. I have tried so many drivers it isn't funny. Give them a try and see what you like. Some systems like different drivers better so no one driver is the best.
I've had good luck with the 12.40 drivers and get the best 3Dmark scores, but they work best with DirectX8. However, I have not tried anything above 12.40 yet. However, like Bender says, what works best on your system might be different.
I also use the 12.40...my 3dmark scores are poor.
But not because of the drivers...something else is going on. Anyway 12.4x maybe even 12.6x ?
I didn't have good results with the 11 series, but I'm using 12.60 now, and I get better results with them than I did with 12.41...plus, since 12.41 are certified, even with NVmax or AGPTweak, coolbits are inaccessible, but they work fine on 12.60
Yep, I second that motion. Just got 12.60 drivers installed yesterday and it improved my 3Dmark 2000 and 3Dmark 2001 scores. I posted my best scores ever on both benchmarks.
Even after writing an article over at my place about getting 12.41's to unlock I would still state that you are better off using the 12.60 drivers. They do actually offer better performance.

......anyone else play quake 2 under win2k - nice unit indeed!!!!