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Optimal harddrive config for music production system

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New Member
Mar 14, 2002
I use this system for music production, and I am wondering about config for HD's.

I have
P4 1.6a OC'd 2.133
Asus P4B266
512 DDR PC100
2X Western Digital 7200 40 gig drivesATA100
Promise TX2 controller card(no raid) ATA133(for current & future drives)
Matrox G550 dual head
Plextor 24/10/40 Ide CDRW
Sony CDR
removable drive bay for swapping the audio file drives( I think this is
only ATA 66/100 rated)

I am wondering what would be the best setup for my hardrives & drive bay?,
either on the controller card? or on the onboard controller?

I use one drive for OS/APPS, and one for audio files

Please give me your thoughts.

I was thinking about this:
onboard primary master(CDRW)
onboard primary secondary master(CDR)
Promise controller master(OS/APPS)
Promise controller secondary master(Audio files)
Promise controller secondary slave(removable drive bay)

or should I keep my OS drive as onboard master.
Will I see a performance hit, as far as the PCI traffic, if all my drives are
on the controller card?

Any and all thoughts welcome

if you're not going to be doing raid, that sounds pretty good. The best configuratoin though would be to set up the 2 WD drives in raid 0. you'd get a performance increase that way.
I agree with Wonko as far as configuration. There will be no appreciable hit on the PCI bus since the onboard IDE controllers are connected to that interface as well. RAID 0 will get better transfer speeds, but at the risk of data loss and cost of an additional card.
yes, raid0. But if u keep everything on the array, u will need to back up all of your project files 9onto another drive, just in case.
Another option, which is the best, is going raid0+1. Since hdd's u have arent that much, u cud pik up 2 mmore and set it up this way. Your stripe drives will then be backed up in the event of a drive failure. You might lose some performance, but it beats losing asll of your working project files