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Overclock and lower temps?????

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Maybe the higher heat melted the thermal paste into the grooves and valleys in your heatsink? Or your temp monitoring program is off?

Or pure luck?
was it an immediate drop?? or was it after a few hours or so? Like stoompah said, maybe you gave it a good warm up and burn in and it settled.
I'm seriously think it's the AS3 finally settling... it started to drop before I upped the speed... then I upped it and it had dropped more... and since then It's dropped another degree. And the same temp is reported in the bios... so I'm guessing it's pretty acurate. Right now I'm idling at 37*C... start up Seti... full load is now a whopping 39*C... kinda struggling between 38 and 39... give it an hour and it'll max out at 40-41 (tops).

Just a quick side question here... my 12v rail is upwards of 12.65... kinda jumps every so often... is that way too high or am I still safe?