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Overclocking 4X16 4000Mhz Kit On MSI x570 Unify

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Feb 16, 2013
Hi folks... I fell like I need a headline like: "90 Year Old Man Continually Fails At Overclocking RAM" or something - but maybe with some help I can get it. 1st off I have no idea what I'm doing. I watch those AHCO vids from Buildzoid but everything I try fails - though it's not like I'm the average case either.

I bought two kits of TEAMGROUP 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR4 4000MHz (PC4-32000) CL18 (TDZAD432G4000HC18LDC01) and I'm trying to OC that 64GB to something other than 2400MHz.


Of course the XMP profiles fail. You'll laugh but I originally bought them thinking I could achieve 4000MHz on the x370 Crosshair VI Extreme - NOPE! Then I splurged and tried them on an x470 Taichi Ultimate - NOPE! So last week (with everyone dumping their AM4 systems on the auction sites) I could afford me an MSI x570 Unify that a few tech-tubers said was good for OCing memory.

I need help, I barely know what I'm doing - and that's overstating it.

  • What should I be expecting from this kit as far as speeds go?
  • What values should I be starting with?
  • Are there suggested apps or utilities I should be using or is BIOS editing fine?

Any help will would be greatly appreciated - even if we can't get them to do the full 4000Mhz - which I suspect is the case.
Thank you all so kindly!
I assume you won't make it work at more than 3600 1:1. At first set 3600 CL16-18-18 1.40V manually. If you make it work stable then you can try 16-16-16. If it won't work then try 3466 or 3200.
If you use 1:2 IF ratio then it maybe even run at 4000, but it will perform worse.
Thanks for the timely reply!

Is it really just throwing numbers at it in trial and error style? There's no "manufacturer+type+math=speed" or something like that?

Since my last post someone suggested I try using RyzenMaster to OC the RAM. I didn't even know it had that ability. I gave it a try and got 3800/1900 just by moving a slider but the subtimings... my goodness.


It's now pretty zippy in windows but that's yet another area of ignorance for me. In terms of FPS in games, what are the actual differences between subtimings like these and something more along the lines you're suggesting?

  • READ:
  • WRITE:

BTW, I tried your timings but something else is going on - I can't even get 3200 at 16-18-18-??? 1.4v - :(

Anyway, at least I have a baseline now @3800... what should I play with from here? Any ideas?
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Since it works at 3800, then try to lower the main timings by 1-2 and check how it works. 26-26-26 is very high. I assume it will go down at least to 18-22-22. The voltage at about 1.40V. 3800 is about max at 1:1, and it's already good it even works at this clock, as with your RAM, it's not always guaranteed.
It should work with enabled XMP/DOCP and manually lowered frequency to 3800.

This RAM should work at about 3800 CL16-16-16-36 and ~1.45V, but it depends on some other things, so it's not guaranteed. It looks like Samsung B (dual-rank), considering capacity and screenshots, and there are a lot of guides on the web for this IC. Here is something similar but tested on Intel - click.
OK, seems I got it. Well not really me... But I had to reset BIOS for something else and when I ran RyzenMaster again I got this:


When I tried to set such values manually I just got "memory overclock failed" every time. I don't know what any of those other values mean but that's the 18-22-22 you suggested... :) YAY!

Again I dunno what I'm talking about but tRFC and tREFI look a little suspect to me. Should I leave things alone or try to lower them - and if so what are reasonable values to try? OTOH, 295,000 nanoseconds it 0.000295 seconds so maybe that's fine? :p

In all I guess I should be getting better test results than these... no?


Goodness, even the Atom is beating me... :geek:


Thanks again for all the help. This site seems pretty quiet so it's exceptionally nice of you to take an interest! It's not unappreciated!
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