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P4S333 overclocking help

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::sigh:: i feel weird asking this.. but i need help overclocking. Im not a newbie around here. but i never wanted to ask. But here it goes

I have a ASUS P4S333
p4 1.6 williamette
512 of Kingmax CAS 2.5

right now i have it up to 1903 @ i think 1.7 or 1.75 cant remember right now. but i cant get it any higher.. and i dont know what to do w/ the timeing and all the settings on the memory part of it.. can someone please help? my temps are excellent o/c 'ed, my full load @ 1.9 is only 35c so if i can get to maybe 2.2 or something i would be happy... any help woudl be greatly welcomed!
hey shauns,
I have that board too, and the same processor. Right now I'm in Linux at FSB 133, default vcore.
Dunno what could be the cause of your problem, but here is something weird I have experienced (though I have 2 sticks of some genreic 2100 DDR, 128 megs each): I could overclock more with the 4:5 ratio than with the 1:1. With 1:1 it just wouldn't boot. I don't know if it's the board (unlikely in my opinion) or my ram, but I thought I'd point it out.
Also, have you tried setting the FSB directly at 133, so that the 1/4 divider kicks in...
BTW, there's a +.2 vcore jumper on the board, though it doesn't actually add .2...
Hope this helps you, if you have some questions on my overclock, just ask :)
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Hey mirko_3 are you sure you don't have the 1.6A because 133FSB@default Vcore on a 1.6 Willie sounds too good to be true ;) BTW shauns 2.0ghz with that Willie is a good overclock :)
I'm sure... and right now i'm pushing it some more, using the overvolt jumper on the motherboard. My CPU does 133 happily, but anything after that requires huge vcore adjustments. But who cares, if it dies I'll get a northy :cool:

Right now I'm at bus 144, and I'm about to test for stability... vcore is at 1.95:mad: