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peltier questions for pros

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New Member
Jan 6, 2001
i have a peltier on an intel 800 clocked to a gig (on the dot with 125 fsb) on an asus cusl2-c board with 128 of generic pc133 ram.
question #1: does anyone having problems with cold boot up, like unable to post on first try, but fine there after...?
question #2: is there any windows based cpu probe temp programs that will read accurate?.. if so will it read anything under 25 degrees celcius..? (mine is stuck at 25 constant, but bios states differently ~13 degrees)
question #3: anyone have any luck at overclocking an intel 800 past 1 gig? i preferbly want to hit 133 fsb so i can retain the division for the agp to be 66, which it is at 59 right now
The P3 arcitecture is maxed out :(

You might be able to pull 133FSB off with a liquid cooled peltier setup, but I wouldn't put money one it.
i posted a similar question in regards to the difference between bios temp readings and software sensors ... i still haven't found a response to that particular question ... i am running SANDRA (with a 20 degrees C difference) and motherboard monitor (with no reading) - versus the bios reading ... i would be interested in hearing any responses others might have

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