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Personal Case not Modified!

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Nov 4, 2001
i want to build my own case. design it myself and build it or maybe have it built. but i theres just 1 thing thats stopping me, NO DIMENSIONS!!!

i wouldnt want to build one and then later on find out that the components(CDROM,HDD and MOBO!) dont fit!

anyone got ideas?
Im not sure but i think theres some place online that has it just look for computer dimensions...

if not measure the case you have now or go to a computer store with a measuring tape and measure one you like..
I'm not sure I understand.

You have the components right there, just measure them. All the bolting patterns are fairly standard. If you're going for the smallest dimenisons possible you'll be restricted in component selection down the road but that's a reasonable tradeoff.
Agreed. Unless you've got an old Pentium I rig (AT factor) or some other funky OEM concoction (Dell, et al...), virtually everything is a standard ATX format, one size fits all dimensions... (except microATX, which is basically an ATX board with most of the expansion card slots end of the mobo chopped off).

Measure what you've got.... measure twice, and cut once....:D