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Playing around with mining. Have a question

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Nov 18, 2008
Northwest Ohio
I started up Crypto Mining on my S5 I no longer use so it sits on the desk.

I added slushpool url, my username.worker1 and pw. It's running scrypt LTC,DOGE, etc... It's been working all night running 1.4-1.2khash/s, but the website monitoring and status still says RED, like it's not doing anything


Likes the big ones n00b Member
Sep 7, 2013
Don't bother man. Anything below 500Khash is worthless at this point. And even at 500Khash, I would guess you'd get only a few cents/day at most. Not even enough to cover electricity costs.

Back when I mined I was able to muster 700Khash with a 270x and a 7850 GPU mining all day. Then came the Scrypt based ASIC's. Now they can get upwards of what a few Mhash/s? 1.2Khash will get you a few pennies a month at best sadly. The difficulty on scrypt cons has jumped dramatiaclly becasue ASIC's are so good at mining these coins.


dBa Member
Mar 1, 2013
Not quite - you just have to mine a coin that is not minable with GPUs or ASICs. You're about a year late for Perk mining, since about a year ago was when it peaked with 4 cheap smartphones making $100/month before it crashed completely. Now the smartphone mining scene is mostly mining "experimental" coins that are more like gambling than investment, but there's actually a good chance of winning. There's also an unwritten (until now, that is) rule that the "master coiners" do not reveal their secrets since competition is to the detriment of everyone mining that coin.