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Please lookout for a cele 500 for me

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Jul 9, 2001
Louisville, KY
I need a 2nd OEM cele 500 (SL3FY) to put in the ole BP6. My current 500 does 600 with 2.3V and I would like a chip that will do the same or pretty close. Its a dedicated cruncher and it can do a normal WU in just under 11 hours. A dual setup would give me about 15 extra WU's per week with no other hardware required. And the board has been run in SMP before so I know it will work properly.

I've posted in the classifides with no luck so since its only for SETI I was hoping somebody here might have an old one laying around or know somebody who does. I know its not a lot of extra WU's but every one counts.
thanks but I've already got one and unfortunately killed the mobo since then so now I actually have an extra LOL

I'll be getting a Cumine Celeron in a few weeks. I'm building a new computer for my dad, and his old PC has either a 500, 550, or 600... not sure which exactly.
Yodums said:
Bah deez, I thought those BF6 were unbreakable? :) Did you finally decide to utilize the hammer once in awhile?

I thought the BP6 was unbreakable too but a slip of them screwdriver broke some traces near CPU socket #2 and its not fixable
Whoops my bad, BP6. I knew BF6 didn't sound right.

Are you sure you couldn't get a trace pen and fix it?

hallen said:

Here are a couple 2X 300a @ 464MHz

Abit has done it again :) They make their motherboards fully efficent using the full potential of the hardware.

Nice Celerons too because those 300a gave overclocking it's big name.
Average times for my 466 are around 14-18 hours depending on how much the computer is used. That and AR :)

Yodums said:
Whoops my bad, BP6. I knew BF6 didn't sound right.

Are you sure you couldn't get a trace pen and fix it?


Positive...its pretty bad but I got the replacement board in already...just not up yet

and average times for my single 500@600 with cas2 RAM and some bios optuions disabled was 10-11 hours
My bp6 with 2x 400's at 480 is averaging about 12:35 per WU.
Was getting High 9:00's at 580mhz, but had to declock it a bit because my CPU cooling leaves much to be desired.
If I could just bring myself to Watercool, I'd be set.