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Power outage while both PC on.

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heh thats good

anyway, i'd disable PXE boot too.
its the option right above the legacy one ED is talking about changing.

PXE will screw up some times, doesn't sound like your installing any thing over the network so might as well take it out of the line of suspects
Really?! I've never seen PXE boot screw up before? I dont use it at home (job was a different story) but it never got in the way of anything/never disabled it. I'll have to switch it off and see if it does anything....maybe it's picking up fkr the OP for some reason.. worth a try.
Good news. I like to thanks every body for taking the time trying to help me. I keep thinking why won't Windows proceed to install? I was thinking way back in 2017 (1st gen 1950X threadripper CPU) I was having the same issue. In the Bios> Chipset- IUOMM is in Auto. This IUOMM thing must be disable in order to proceed Windows install. After disable IUOMM> Save and exit. Restart the system, finally Windows begin copying windows files to 100% then it restart the system and I am back to beginning Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. I am thinking what the F is that. Copying windows files but refused to install? Then I was about to login into Overclocker forum to check on the thread here and I see a post by Earthdog, "STORAGE BOOT OPTION CONTROL is set to Lagacy only" is there a uefi or both option there? BOOM CHECK MATE. After change it to UEFI save and exit. Windows now copying files and installing. This forum/members are awesome. I 've received helps when I needed. Thank you so much everyone.

New problem. I have 3 copy windows 10 . All failed to activate . I don't know its related to any hardware? The motherboard is first time in Used. The serial# used on this system before now failed to activate.


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I'm assuming the NIC driver is installed & the internet works. Isn't Phone Microsoft still an option? Should be able to tell a live person you're doing a reinstall on a corrupted Windows install after a warranty motherboard failure & replacement. Just make sure you have the key that was in use before.
Please disregard my last above post. When I first install windows 10 and I enter the serial # and windows 10 accepted and proceed to the installation. Then I am having problems updating it keeps telling me can't update and check settings. Upon checking windows system it is Said my copy of windows is not activated. Don't know why it's said that as I had entered the serial during windows installation. So I proceed to enter the serial# again and then it's telling me can't activate windows. After many tries turning off and restart. Then I see notifications at the power on/off on the lower left hand corner prompt me to update windows. I did try to update about 3 or 4 times and eventually it's finish the update. The first 1-3 times it completed the install but failed to configure windows update. It is freaking weird. Don't know why
It failed in the first place.
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I'm assuming the NIC driver is installed & the internet works. Isn't Phone Microsoft still an option? Should be able to tell a live person you're doing a reinstall on a corrupted Windows install after a warranty motherboard failure & replacement. Just make sure you have the key that was in use before.

Thanks for your input. its all good now :) see my above post. Phone Microsoft used to be good but now its a nightmare. 6 months or so ago I phone them regarding Windows can't active. I spoke to the Indian? Having a hard times understanding them.
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I am able to enter the bios but I still not able to restore windows. I insert a windows repaired disk into the DVD drive and set the DVD drive as boot priority in the bios then restart the PC. I see windows sign on the monitor and then get a message needs repair but why it is stop continue on. It message got stuck and freeze. I also try to install fresh windows. After a few try. I will message like diagnostic windows or just a solid blue screen. That possibly the OS drive is dead?
Attach a few pics.
first of all use usb better, but and press "f12" boot menu and click on your device with win repair, if u have burned dvd right , and i guess your Bios is fked, haha u are just blind 2 or 3 places i saw leagacy xD u are not familiar with bios i guess, but just open eyes and u find it , and u had 0 sata port activated? "not installed" ? , but bro have you installed some new pc part or your power issue since then`? first of all unblug psu power cable turn off psu hold your power button 5-10 sec so power drained out, now unplug mobo power / cpu-cable , take out ram " cmos" battery gpu, wait 10 mins then reseat everything last thing u doo before start hold cmos button for few sec or screwdriver at cmos pins, now on another pc download latest bios and use flashback usb, after you extract the bios file - rename to "msi.rom" if u have a little pin to change main/A bios - Second/B -bios do it when pc turn of with 0 power, reinstall windows CLEAN not save ****, and ofc first thing u do when it work DEBLOAT or just stop use windows ;D i had your problem but with z77-gd65 bios with both bios ****** haha, but my main problem was cpu pins after unplug / resat cpu xD was soo speeed up so i didnt thought of it for 1,5 month xD , with new mobo like you guys u shall not even need to ask how to fix errors haha if u have older msi/ gigabyte boards with error hola at me ;D
I don't see anything about legacy boot. I am snap pics. You can see there is no legacy boot I can see

Uh...hi I guess. I sure hope the OP got their problem resolved by now. Typically we don't advise people to post in threads that have been inactive for more than a month or two, unless they have unique information about a special circumstance that might benefit someone searching for a solution.

Also, you may notice most of us use a more formal writing style. I guess we're all getting old or something, but I found your post pretty challenging to read/parse. We also generally try to avoid explicit language :)