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Problem with Abit KT7 voltage mod

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Dec 19, 2000
I did the voltage mod on my Abit KT7 and have some problems. I've read different articles sayimg that there are two volt mods available: a "softcore" one (using a 30KOhm resistor) and a hard one using a 15 KOhm resistor. I used a 18 KOhm resistor and the max Vcore is 2.07V. When I tried a 15 KOhm resistor (actually 2 x 7,5KOhm serially connected) the computer won't even boot. Tried connecting the resistors while computer running and the monitor turns off and the NumLock freezes on on. After reset nothing happens.... no boot.
I must mention that I soldered to the mobo two wires with a connector from an old PC Speaker, that allows me to change the resistors without resoldering them.
If anyone got any ideas...
Since the value of the needed resistor may vary slightly for different boards, ditch the resistors and use a 47K trimmer. You can dial in whatever resistance you need. 49 cents at Radio Shack, part number 271-283.

It's possible that the Pin 10 value for the maximum voltage threshold may be a bit low on your board, hence the 2.07 volts you experienced.

Soapbox time, THERE IS NO NEED TO USE FIXED RESISTORS! Sorry I am not shouting at you, but I am tired of reading about people being misled by irresponsible voltage mod articles and forum advice. The same goes for people recommending that one solder to the leg of a voltage regulator, just to get a ground connection. It seems the overclocking world is full of folks with good intentions and lack of a proper technical background.