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Question about my Loop

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Feb 8, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
So Firstly I recently upgraded to a 7700k and it is one hot MOFO. I used this chip with my H220x (240mm) AIO(hybrid) system.

I was noticing temps in the high 70's low 80's at stock clocks when running p95 so thinking it was first my TIM application I reapplied my TIM and even went with another brand.. Temps however stayed the same.

So thinking maybe it was just producing way more heat that my AIO loop could handle I ran out and picked up another 240mm x 38mm ek radiator with 19fpi. I have good static pressure fans on it and everything is pretty quiet actually.

However after this upgrade my temps onlye dropped 3-5C across the board which does make them a little better, but still hotter than I would like.

I did some reading (after the fact unfortunately) on delta T.. So that being said I can run a prime95 stress test and measure the water temp with good fast reading cooking prop in my res (directly in the flow) and can see that while my room ambient is about 25C atm.. my water temp is only 30C. So according to the info I found that seems to be a really good Delta T

My question though is why is the water loop not taking more heat off the CPU die? The waterblock I am using isn't suppose to be bad.. so just trying to see what I can do to actually make the system soak up more of that heat.. if it is possible that is.

My knowledge of water cooling in the PC world is rather limited as I have only dabbled in it slightly. So hoping some more experienced people than myself can offer some information or tips.
Your liquid cooling system is fine and your Delta-Temps with in the 5c range are great to have. It's most likely the version of Prime95 that you're using. There's a certain version you should use up to since after that, the darn benchmark pushes the CPU beyond real-time environments.

Have a look at our benching department and see what they use for benches. Use those that they use and you should see much better temp improvements.
Try asus realbench or intel burn test. Either should be good on that chip. I would also check what voltage the chip is running.
Try asus realbench or intel burn test. Either should be good on that chip. I would also check what voltage the chip is running.

So it seems the 7700k has a inconsistent gap between the chip and ihs in general so I'll probably be delidding soon to correct that issue.

So with a h220x system that has been expanded with another 240mmx39mm rad... so 2 x 240mm rads a 1.5gpmish pump from the original h220x and a small reservoir will I be in the clear for cooling if I add a 1080 to the loop?

I am thinking I should have adequate cooling but figure I would ask before I pull the trigger.

Thanks again I appreciate all the help this community has been already
Just in case anyone else stumbled into this post delidding was the answer. After delid i saw a 25C drop pretty much across the board. This allowed me to no only run super cool at stock clocks, but also run cooler than my pre delid stock temps at 5ghz.

Will probably be adding my gpu to the loop soon, but I now have the headroom for it because of the upgrade. Sadly I think if I delidded first the single rad would have been more than enough, but all is good in the end :-D