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Question for Timmæy!

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
I read this is one of your reply's:

Timmæy (May 24, 2001 07:16 p.m.):
still havent problems getting accurate readings with my probe, think it may be dead or bad,oh yeah i got a pelt too.

What board are you running? I have an Abit BE6-II. With my watercooling and pelt installed I get wrong readings sometimes as well. It will boot up saying my cpu temp is 68c! I know it's wrong cause with my system running over 1 gig, Any temps over 29c will not allow any 3D apps to load. And I'm able to run anything stable when this occurs. So I know it's wrong!

Also Sometimes the system wont post when it's been off for a while. I have to wait about 5 to ten minutes while the system is on but wont post. Almost as if I have to let the water warm up? Then it starts fine but the cpu temp reading will be off. I'll restart and everything is fine and stable. And readings will be back to normal?

There is no condensation on the cpu or slot. I cant figure it out.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone else with a similiar problem, or if you just have some idea's about whats going on feel free to post them.