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Radeon 5700 Temperatures

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New Member
Aug 19, 2020
Hello everybody,

I have XFX 5700 (non-XT) flashed with 5700XT bios.
I have been running this card for a while with the following settings: GPU - 2005 Mhz (actual around 1960 in games), VRam - 1780 Mhz, Core Voltage - 1.12V and Power limit - 50%. The temps I was getting with stock cooler were 90C GPU Tjunction, 82C Vram and around 76C VRM.

I recently put together custom watercooling loop with waterblock covering only GPU. Additionally, I am using backplate from Accelero Extreme 4 and some improvised RAM and VRM aluminium heatsinks on front of the card. I increased the GPU clock to 2100 Mhz and Core Voltage to 1.17V. The temps I am getting now are the following (measured in Superposistion Game - the card drawing constantly 195-210W): 78C GPU Tjunction, 96C VRam and 91C VRM. I had a plan to install VRM waterblock on GPU also, but as it would have required some modding to fit it correctly I discarded the idea (wish I had not).
Anyways the card is stable at this speeds (temperatures), but I find Vram and VRM temperatures a bit too high. My question is: should I worry about those temperatures or are they OK? If I go back to 2005 - 1.12V, the temperatures on core, RAM and VRM fall for around 10-15C.
I would work to get those temperatures down, run the 2005 clock. 100 MHz isn't much in the way of performance anyway. :)
Typical 5700/5700xt users say the sweetspot (power draw/horsepower) is around 1v for ~1900mhz, my own “silent 40% fan” 24/7 uses 1.02v for 2000mhz (1950mhz effective) and 1900mhz mem. You sure you can't get stable with lower volts ? Could the BIOS be affecting results somehow ?
No, lower voltage at 2000 Mhz results in crashes.

Unfortunetelly, after half an hour of gaming ram starts throttling now. So I decided to buy Bykski full cover waterblock. It might need a few weeks (I hope not months) to arrive from China. I report results once the new block is installed.
OK, so I received the full cover block. I settled for 1.15v and 2050 Mhz. It is a nice 300 Mhz overclock over my 5700 (non-XT) stock speed.
My temperatures are now around 55C Core (around 75C Tjunction), 65C RAM and around 70C VRM.