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radeon for 3dmark2k

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Apr 12, 2001
Ontario, Canada
I just o/c my Radeon 32mb SDR from 164/164 default to 183/183. At default in 3dmark2k i got 3858 marks, now with 183 i get 4048, is this a good score for this Radeon?

Also whenever i run 3dmark2001 it cfreezes on the same spot in the first test, and this happens at default speed and o/ced speed, any comments?
oh sorry, damn, my signature doesnt work, my stats are there, this is another problem anyone care to help.

1GHz TBird, 133 sdram 3-3-3, msi 6330lite mobo, win98se
those are good scores- but not for a 32neg radeon-i got 3579 with a TNT2 8 meg at 125/140 and a slot 600 now i get over 5000 with my tbird 750 and a 16 mege TNT at 140/170??- FSB of 100 also on pc100 mem???
Oh dear god! I don't even want to see my score from the test I just ran. The first helicopter scene at default settings maxed at like 30 fps! Even at 183/183! I really should get back to trying to fix it. Any ideas?
why does everyone use 2k for test rather than 2k1?

2k1 is alot more "intensive" and really puts a run for your money on your pc...
Dude, I'm not really sure those are very good scores, but I wouldn't worry about it anyway.

GF DDR 162/333


Don't kill yourself over 3DMark like I used to. Just compare gaming benchmarks.
I get 3600 with my old rotten Voodoo 3 16meg. LOLLOLLOL
My next card will be the ULTRA Geforce 2 then a Ultra Geforce 3
i cant run 2k1 since it crashes on the first test, repeatedly. This happened on my old system too.

pestul: yea ur right, but you also have a ddr card, id expect better scores of your card than my SDR pci radeon

me: nice voodoo card

thankx for ur replies guys, just needed to check how my radeon compared to your high end systems