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Radiator advice - please

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New Member
May 12, 2001
Can anybody give me some advice about radiator. I have vp6 + 2* 750 which I would like to run at 997. I have two DD boxes for cpu's and only missing part is radiator. Any information will be appreciated.

Go to your auto parts store and get a transmission cooler that is what I have they work very well.
If you hav the DD block then you should get a radiator with copper tubes. Do not mix copper and aluminum, they corrode each other. I have a Flex-a-lite tranny cooler that I bought from Autozone, but I am concerned about the chrome fittings on it.
From what I have read, putting a some antifreeze or water wetter into the water will stop the aluminum and copper from corroding each other.

I got my radiator from http://www.leufkentechnologies.com/page5.html

It's 12"X5"X34". It cost me about $37.00 with S&H. It's able to cool my PIII with an 85w tec. Keeps the temps around 1c at idle and 7c at full load. And this is only with a 92mm fan on the radiator. Would most likely get much better results with a 120mm fan on it. There is even room for 2 120mm fans if you think you'll need it. It's all aluminum though. So I guess if you wanted copper tubing this is not the rad. for you.
Some additives make the water more conductive and could increase the corrosion. Hoot explains it better than I do, but what the deal is that copper and aluminum release ions into the water. These ions create an electric circuit, like a battery. This circuit causes corrosion. If you have all the same metal then you have the same ions and they do not affect each other.