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Radiator Placement/Peltier Question

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New Member
Jan 3, 2001
I have a water cooling system that i am going to put into my computer and i have 2 questions about it: First, is it better to put the radiator in the bottom front of my case and have the fan blow air through the radiator and into the case, or is it better to have the radiator at the top back of the case and have the air from the case being sucked out through the radiator. I also need to get a peltier that can cool a 1Ghz Tbird and run on its own 250W or 300W power supply, does anyone know of a good cheap pelt that can do this? Any info would be appreciated.
Ideally, you would want the hotter air exhausted out of the case, while cooling your radiator. I believe there is an article in front about cooling TBirds with pelts, which basically made the point that you will not gain all that much, if anything, by using a pelt on a TBird. Good results can be achieved just by watercooling.
stool's dead on the mark here. and from experience with a 120w pelt on my duron, i think it's more hassle than it's worth... stick with plain watercooling.
You will get better results if the fan pulls the air through your radiator. This avoids the turbulence that is created when a fan blows directly on the radiator. If your fan must blow on the radiator, a plenum chamber between the fan and the radiator will cut down on turbulence.