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results with my new goldengate and delta

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New Member
Jul 24, 2001
i ordered the svc goldengate 30 for 19.99 and some articsilver2 for 4 bucks insane prices on both!

i took the 7k delta off my thermoengine and installed it on the gg.then i lapped the sink in with 600,800,and 1000 grit sandpaper.i then applied the arctic silver per the instructions on their page.installed the sink and the results were good.
running a 1.33tbird at 2.08 volts clocked to 1.56 yeilded temps that match my system temp or beat it a few degrees!at full load running prime95 its about 8-10 degrees cooler than my delta thermoengine combo was.im very pleased with this purchase considering the thermoengine was more expensive(cant just throw money at something and expect maximum returns without research).ill take the 30cfm fan and use the thermoengine on my wifes duron (700@950) may reach a ghz there now.

im going to try some higher clocks later before it was not stable in applications at 1590 but would load windows sometimes it would lock though.update later

i have the delta blowing on it.is this best with this sink?
the arctic silver application page said that over 24 hours the temps will drop 2-3c once the silver has bonded can i expect this is it true?

well I didn't know that about the AS2 but it sounds like you should burn in the cpu and then repost your temps and see if they are lower! nice review of the goldengate did you lap yours?
The Delta works great on it, this HSF really needs allot of air moving through it to get the most out of it and if you do the silicone trick it will reduce the noise level quite a bit. i'm really happy with mine.

as far as AS-2 if thats what they say then it should be true.