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Samsung 850 Evo vs MLC ssd?

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Dec 3, 2014
Hey guys

I want to buy a Samsung 850 evo 250gb. It is very highly praised for its overall performance, good reliability and 5 years warranty.
However I am skeptical about this choice now that many ssd vendors have mlc capable products at the same price and specifically after I came across at this ssd review at pcworld .com.


According to them a Samsung 850 evo suffers from low speeds when you try to copy large files exceeding 10gb.
I am not into technical details but it something about its buffer capabilities and its V-NAND technology which is better than TLC but still not as great as an MLC.

20gb-transcend-ssd-370-100636192-large.png as-ssd-transcend-ssd-370-100635691-large.png

As far I understand to replicate such a problem is when you have more than one ssds in use otherwise is not applicable.
But still it sucks, so if later want to add a second ssd then you will be regretful.

I am really confused guys. Everyone recommends a Samsung 850 Evo as a good value performer but I am also starting to think an MLC ssd at the same price is a better idea.
What do you think guys? After a small research I came across these products. All these products are at the same price range around 80 euros.

My alternatives are MLC drives
1) Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB
2) Zotac Premium 240GB
3) Transcend SSD370S SATA III 256GB
4) Hynix Canvas SL301 250GB

I do not want an TLC ssd by any means. Please consider that I also live in Europe!

Thank you!


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
I can see there with sequential writes only, there is a performance difference. Do you frequently write 10GB+ files or something? Otherwise, I don't see a point in worrying about it honestly.

I also do not understand why if the problem is in the SSD, that having two of them make a difference...

I do not know too much about the other drives, but the Kingston has done well in our review (though we do not test 10GB files).


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Seems like you need a MLC drive if you transfer those files around a lot on your SSD(s). For most though, they don't transfer such large files from SSD to SSD so I can see why there isn't much on this.


Sim Racing Aficionado Co-Owner
Jun 28, 2012
To break much more than 120MB/s you're going to have to be going SSD to SSD.
A mechanical drive, going to/from an SSD, will absolutely be the bottleneck and I assume you'll keep most of those large files.

I'd just get the 850 EVO.


Feb 20, 2015
I just copied a 12.5GB file from an 840 to an 850 EVO in ~38 seconds, the lowest transfer rate, which was declining slowly throughout, was ~337MB/s.