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Sanity Check - New(ish) build

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Jan 5, 2013
Tampa, FL
So, I've already done a build in the past. It's working great, but it's old. I'm now building a PC for a friend, and they want it water cooled. It's been so long since I've done a new setup that I would just like an extra set of eyes to look over what I'm trying to do. With that said, let's look at some parts!

I'm trying to water cool an i9-9820 and an EVGA Hydro Copper RTX 2080 card. I'm looking at for parts:

CPU Block: XPSC Raystorm Pro
Radiator: XPSC RX240 (2x120)
Pump/Reservoir: UNKNOWN

My main concern at this time is whether or not I have enough radiator. If needed, I can throw another 1x120 radiator on there. My other concern is pump. I've been out of the game so long I'm no longer sure of which pump I can trust. On my setup when I built it, I got a MPC35X pump, which recently died on me after about 5-6 years (no big deal, it had a good life). So, I guess what I'm looking for is a recommendation for a good pump and thoughts on if I have enough radiator with just the 2x120, or if I should go big and get the extra single 120 for a total of 3x120. Also, I'm looking at thermal compound. Is any one better than the other? I'm looking at Arctic Silver and Noctua NT-H1. Thank you for your help and input into this project!
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Jun 21, 2002
Personally the 9820 seems like an odd choice compared to the 3900x, value wise. But that isn't what you asked

I would expect the 9820 to draw 300W easy, especially if overclocked. The 2080 is another 300W part. So you're looking to cool a solid 600W. For that I would say you'll need a total of 6x120mm of rad, following the 120mm of rad per 100W guideline.

TDP rarely reflects actual power consumption on current parts. With HEDT and even consumer desktop CPUs, as well as GPUs pushing or exceeding 300W, the old rule of 1x120 per component or 2x120 per overclocked component is not really sufficient.

I don't see the 3x120mm being adequate for these parts even at stock configuration, I would suggest 4x120 minimum, and at least 6x for OC. Not saying it wouldn't work, but you'll be running high fan speeds under load. I'm assuming this is for GPU and CPU intensive productivity work, since that is what the processor is geared for. Playing 4 threaded games might be able to get by, but then having a $1k CPU would be a waste.

There are all kinds of thermal compound reviews. AS5 is still serviceable, but the Noctua is probably better, could also look at Thermal Grizzly and Arctic MX-1 (not Arctic silver).

For pumps any D5 or DDC should be fine, they're all made by the same people.