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Shopmbc computer 2,199?

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Feb 19, 2003
New York
Oh My.

2.6b $150 These are all higher estaments on there price for parts, and im almost 100% sure they pay a fraction of that price on the components.
120gig maxtor ($120)
DVD ROM ($38)
DVD Burner 2X (89)
5Pc speekers (59)
64mb graphics card (45)
Sound card (39)
TV tuner ($30)
17" GEM LCD $350
Lexmark X75 ($59)
Card reader on case (statdard black with no window or side fan or exaust. ($59)
Digital camers ($150)
$45 home DVD player (free)
$100 home dvd theater.(free)
2700 dollars of the worst software i can inagine.
+ shipping for 4 boxes is atleast 100
That all comes roughly to 1477 dollars. WHAT RIP OFF!

The guy is pitching this to JOE like its the fastest and latest technology. How can they do this? Tell these poor prople that they dont have to pay for 180 days. Then they find out after 180 days there intrest rate is a whopping 26 percent.OMG Of course the guy said it could be upgraded, You will have to by the time you pay it off in like 5 years.

Let me go figure this out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Done 1477 dollars compared to there 2,199 plus 100 shipping and intrest

This is such a good deal im gonna run right out and buy one asap.

But to think About a year and a half ago I blindly would have. Never Again.



Aug 10, 2003
Kona, Hawaii
yeah. that kind of stuff makes me mad. my mom got something similar to that for a similar price. i tried to convince her it was a horrible deal, but her boyfriend stepped in and said i didnt know what i was talking about. specs on it, and this is only 2 years ago:
256mb sdram
900mhz pIII
20GB hd
16mb AGP (ooohhh!!! wow) video card
17" screen
and some really bad software, and a copy of the BEST OS EVAHH!! win ME
i hate stuff like that. says its upgradable, but you cant do so without voiding the warranty.