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Shuttle SN41G2: help needed!

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New Member
May 12, 2002
I'm technician in a hardware store and I'm encountering some errors with shuttles SN41G2 barebones. And I'm running out on answers

Of the 5 or 6 shuttles we sold, I know of 4 that have stability problems.
Crashing in windows, blurry video, random reboots.
The problem seems mostly based around the onboard graphics. 3D mark 2003 won't even start the first test. It loads and then crashes to windows, hangs or just reboots the PC.
When I use a seperate videocard (MX440) the problems dissapear, or are, at least, seriously reduced. Heavy 3d still gets it on it's knees, 3d mark still won't start the first test.

I've mailed shuttle on this prolblem, and I get only vague responses. At the last one I gave up on them, they were suddenly talking about adio fixes, it felt like they were replying a response to someone else's mail.

Sofar I've tried everything: CPU, memory, newest drivers and bios, I RMAed one, and I prayed to [H]arder powers. Problem persists. And I can't find anything about it online. Some of the revieuws praise it's stability above all else, and I've searched several boards and found no references.

Has anyone encountered similar stability problems with shuttles or other nForce2 graphic chipsets. Cause I've seen very similar results in MSI K7N2G series, but there it's only 10-20% of the boards.

I'm getting pretty desperate and both the clients and my boss are breathing down my neck about this one. The first wants his system back (hey how would you be) and the other one refuses this to be a problem.
And guess who everyone is blaming...


Mar 9, 2003
Montevideo, Minnesota
Try E-mailing tech support at "tigerdirect.com" they've been selling these units for a couple of months. The only other help I could suggest is trying an older video driver, I've got a 420 and when I tried to use some of the newer drivers I had the same kind of problems with a Tyan mobo.


Nov 11, 2003
Long Island, NY
hey... ive had the same problems... this is extremely weird... this thread seems a lil old, but i have recently built 4 of these machines...

1 machine worked fine, no problems whatsoever for about 2 weeks... now it restarts everytime i try to boot into windows

the other 3 dont even install windows, or will install windows with many errors and then windows will randomly restart (all drivers installed, tried newest bios, no luck...)

if somebody can help me i would be more than grateful... im $4000 down right now b/c of this