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Some MoRe WATER cooling questions

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May 27, 2001
San Diego, CA
OK. I have just about ready to buy my water setup. I am going to get the Maze2-1 water block for my 1.4ghz athlon at 1.6ghz as i found out that this is better than the one at overclockers hideouts blizard kit. For a radiator I am also going to get the danger den cooling cube unless some one else says otherwise with good reasoning. Now that i think about i am going to get that top of the line danger den kit. My only gripes are 1: is the eheim 1260 pump good enough or should i get the resovoir at overclockers hideout. what id the benefit of a reovoir over a pump if any?(I know nottin bout pumps) and 2: what power supply do i need to get for the 156 watt peltier cuz i already have enermax 430 watt?

For setting it up i gots a lian-li pc70 case on the way. Should the radiator be up top and the pump on the bottom?

Shoot all the holes you want to into this one please.
A resovoir is simply a container for the water. What 156 pelt do you have? Do you know what Watts/Amps it runs on? When choosing a pump keep in mind how high up your water has to travel, since the flow rate is different in a 1ft. set-up than 2ft. high. See my post about pumps in cooling. Put the radiator wherever you think it will fit best, and have your radiators fan draw outside of the case air over your radiator.
I got the best results using a Danner Mag 7 with a Maze 2 & Cube. Smaller pumps gave me higher temps. While we can compare GPH, I don't know how this pump compares with the Eheims in the real world. If the guys at the Den recommend an Eheim, it's going to work. The Dannner I mentioned is just an option,
Sorry I forgot radiator placement. The convenient place for the radiator is over the PSU. With proper case ventilation, you can use the air from the inside of the case. My case temps are always within 1C of ambient so I don't worry about drawing fresh outside air over the radiator.