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Static IP on OSX with an Airport

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New Member
Dec 10, 2005
OK, so I have a laptop with OSX 10.3.9 on it, and I have an airport router. I would like to have a static IP on it so that I can forward some ports to the laptop but I am having difficult. I have been to the TCP/IP section of the Airport under the network tab in the system preferences and tryed buth the manual configuration and the 'Using DHCP with manual address' configuration and neither have access to the internet when I do so. The only one that is working is the 'Using DHCP' where the router gives the IP to the laptop. After playing around with it for a while now the only way that I can see to get this done is to give every computer on the network a static IP, well I think that that should work but I havent tried it yet. I am thinking this becuase in the Airport Admin Utility under the Network tab you can set the airport to 'share a single IP address(using DHCP and NAT)' (which is what it is doing right now) or 'share a range of IP address (only using DHCP), which when I try to do that it tells me that the base station needs to be configured using static IP address, which I am not sure how do to. If someone knows how to resolve my situation that would be fantastic. Thanks a lot.